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Foster Carer needed urgently for young dog

I am posting this on behalf of CatRescue (yes - CatRescue are rescuing a dog). Please read on:

We urgently need a dog foster carer for a medium size dog who has been severely neglected, bordering on abused. She is a cross of many things, and about knee-height. She doesn’t bark at all. And her legs don’t quite work properly as she has been kept her whole life in a tiny cage. She is about 6 months old.

 If you have any friends or family (or yourself if you are in a position to foster a dog) who might be able to foster this dog, please ask them to contact CatRescue. It really is quite urgent. So if you can ask around asap we’d really appreciate it. Please feel free to forward this email and my contact details to anyone you think might be in a position to foster this dog.

 And of course, whoever fosters this dog will be supported by CatRescue in the same way that you are when fostering cats and kittens. Ie: We pay for any vet treatment, etc. And advertise her for adoption and take adoption enquiries when she is ready for adoption.

 And if you are not in a position to foster this dog and don’t know anyone who could, don’t worry…I’ve sent this email to a lot of people…and we only need 1 to say yes.  It’s not something I normally would do, but we’re just kind of stuck on this one being CatRescue, and this is a dog. But when any animal in this predicament lands in front of us, we can’t ignore their plight…..cat, dog or other.


 Erica Trinder

CatRescue Coordinator


NB I have Erica's mobile number - if you can help, and want to speak directly with her, please levae a comment below and I'll pass her number on.

New Blog Post:


For the last two hours or so, I have been participating in a paradigm of collaboration on the World Wide Web, seeking to interact with other users in a social media dialogue as a prosumer of user-generated content in a virtual community. To be more specific, I’ve been adding books to my LibraryThing account.

Read the rest here: http://kiskil.wordpress.com/2010/09/25/librarythinging/

Delicious del.icio.us

I'd like to conduct an informal survey, just to get an idea of how many of you have ever used , or do currently use, Delicious in either a professional or personal capacity.

I'd much appreciate if you could could Comment with a 'Yes' or 'No' in response. Then, feel free to elaborate! (but elaboration by no means mandatory)

Why do I want to know? I am just curious - a curiosity stirred by a subject I am studying this semester for my Master's degree. I have never used Delicious, and we will be exploring it (and other 'social media') as part of  a review of the uses of the internet for communication and knowledge sharing in a professional/business environment (yeah ,riveting!).
My blogging devolution has reached it's nadir: I'm over at Twitter now http://twitter.com/kiskil

Cat rescue!

Yes, it’s me with another cat rescue story…


Long story, but I am now in touch with the guy wanting to sell this lovely male Persian cat: http://sydney.gumtree.com.au/c-Pets-cats-kittens-Persian-CAT-FOR-SALE-W0QQAdIdZ198878838

I am trying to get more details from him about the cat, but the basic story is: the owner of the cat has left Australia permanently, and left the cat with this guy. The guy is not at all a cat person, and is now wanting to sell the cat. I am slightly concerned about the cat’s welfare in this situation, and have offered to take the cat if he will surrender him to me. With the assistance of CatRescue, I will advertise the cat for adoption and make sure he goes to a kind, loving home. Some of the things I am waiting to find out form the current owner are:

the cat’s age

if he’s desexed

if he’s micropchipped* and registered

I’ll post updates when I get more information.

In the meantime: if you are a kind and loving and responsible cat lover that can buy him, please do so! If you are a kind and loving and responsible cat lover who can provide a temporary home for him (if I can get him surrendered to me), please let me know! Or, if you are a kind and loving and responsible cat lover who is willing to adopt him via CatRescue – if I can get him surrendered into their care – please let me know (he will cost $100 to adopt).


* in NSW, it’s illegal to sell or give away cats or dogs that are not microchipped – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

This is Harper! I am currently fostering her for catrescue.com.au

If you know anyone who might be interested in adopting her, or any other cat or kitten from CatRescue, please pass on the link below, or refer them to www.catrescue.com.au


Harper is a very sweet, loving girl who would love nothing more than a home of her very own where she can feel loved and secure. Whilst she's in foster care Harper is kept solely indoors which she is perfectly happy with. So if you are looking for an indoor only or a mainly indoors cat, Harper would be well suited for this. She would probably be fine with other animals and/or quiet-ish children. However, she would probably not be so well suited to a more boisterous household.


Harper was rescued from a pound in Sydney's west with 5 very little babies (1 died, sadly) on an incredibly hot day...the day they were all due to be euthanized. Whilst we at CatRescue NSW were beyond full, we felt the pain of this young mum who had gone through so much already, and after a bit of effort we were able to find a one-off carer who offered to look after her until her babies were old enough to be adopted. This time has now come.

Harper + kittens (Neo, Eleanor, Orlando & Vixen - also listed under CatRescue NSW) are all ready to find their own homes. They are all booked in for desexing, vaccinations and microchipping and will be ready for pick up on Tues 12 Jan, 2010. Harper will be moving to a new foster care in Marrickville (Sydney suburb) from the night of Tues 12 Jan, 2010. If you would like to arrange to meet Harper from Wed 13 Jan onwards, for potential adoption please contact
Erica at CatRescue NSW on 0416 741 020.

Adoption fee: $100
Coat: short haired
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Vacc. Leukemia: No

Max Barry - Machine Man

I subscribe to Machine Man and recommend you do too.


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Max Barry's Jennifer Government was one of the most original and entertaining dystopian novels of the past decade, and now Barry is helping to reinvent publishing. Or at least, his bold experiment, Machine Man, seems to have paid off.

Barry has been posting chunks of his novel Machine Man online since March, although he hasn't followed the same model that Tim Pratt and Catherynne M. Valente recently adopted. That is to say, he's not just posting daily or weekly updates and including a "tip jar" so you can donate. Rather, he's got a free feed that only covers the first 43 pages of his novel, and you have to pay $6.95 to get the rest. Either way, you get a page sent to you every day, either via email or RSS. (Until it runs out, in the case of the free feed.) There's also some stuff about a custom feed, which is a bit confusing.

Judging from the pages posted on Barry's site, Machine Man is a fast-paced, chaotic story about a guy who experiments with cybernetics — the book starts with the main character's leg being severed, and goes on from there. Here's a typically weird passage from page 38:

My legs stopped at a busy intersection somewhere south of downtown. I didn't know where, exactly. All I knew was they had been running for ten minutes and I had been hanging on, begging them not to kill me. Like all my legs, the Contours had been subjected to some pretty rigorous quality assurance in the lab, but some things you couldn't simulate. One of those things, apparently, was that mortal terror interfered with the legs' ability to interpret mental instructions. At least, I hope that's what it was. The alternative was that they were wilful.

Anyway, the experiment seems to have paid off, handsomely: Publisher's Marketplace says Barry sold Machine Man to Vintage Books. If the FAQ on Barry's site is anything to go by, the final book product will be a bit more polished than the updates he's been sending out every day — he talks about possibly having to backtrack and dig himself out of some literary hole he's gotten into, and says the process of writing a novel and posting it online in real time is much like a band jamming in public, versus hearing their polished studio recordings. Either way, we can't wait to read the finished manuscript.


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